Informations about Kas/Turkey / Lycian coast
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Kas / Türkei

History of Kas
Habesos is the earliest known name of the ancient city, as proved from archaeological findings. But the name Antiphellos is far more familiar, and this was the harbor of ancient PhellosFirst settlements are approved for the4th century BC, possibly earlier, although it reached its height of importance during the Roman and Byzantine periods, when it was a center for Bishops.

It had also been significant in the world of sea-faring commerce, and during the Roman era was especially famous for its exported sponges. It was attacked by Arabs, then added to the territory of the Anatolian Seljuks, and took the name Andifli for a time. After the destruction of the Anatolian Seljuk state, the Ottomans added it to its lands. The name Kas means 'eyebrow', or 'something curved', describing the shape of the town under the backdrop of 500m high cliffs behind.

Kas today
Its quaint town center has a rocky waterfront, with several small beaches nearby. There are water sports available in the area, like canoeing, jet skiing, diving and paragliding.

There is a small harbor with fishing boats and daily boats for rent. Kas never became as popular as other areas because of its small pebble beaches, but this has saved the town from over development. Life centers on the town square where there are teahouses, restaurants, mosques and shops. Kas has a moderate amount of nightlife and many nice souvenir shops. There is a traditional market on Fridays.

The main activity in Kas is of course the scuba diving. Divers from allover the world come here to join the beautifull diving spots.

Climatic circumstances7weather in Kas/Turkey
Summers are hot and dry in Kas, quite typical of Mediterranean region, and can reach around 35 degrees during the day. Winters are warm during the day although can get cool at night, and can drop below 10 degrees. Most popular time to visit Kas is between middle of April and end of October.

Hotels & Accomodation in Kas
Due to it`s small size and individual touch, "All Inclusive" Hotel Ressorts are totally missed in Kas. There are many small and affordable Hotels as well as Pensions and private rooms in a range between 30 - 45 USD per night in a doubleroom brakfast included. Also some private Villas and Appartments are available for rent.

How to reach Kas
The closest airports are Antalya and Dalaman, each located around three hours from Kas. There are long distance coach connections to Kas, via Antalya or sometimes direct. SIRENA DIVING Center offers an Airport transfer service.

Pictures of Kas.
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